Somehow everything seems so normal and somehow everything seems not. You walk down the street and quite a lot of people are out and about. Restaurants are open and people are sitting down to eat or wait in line to get some ice cream.

You go to a clothing store to look for a new jacket to replace the old, worn out one. You talk to the saleswoman and discuss wearing masks all day (because she has to). You use the word pandemic almost in a casual way while talking about the new “normal”. The new “normal”? Is this the new “normal”? What does that term even mean?

It makes you think. What will be “normal” when this pandemic is over and when will it be over?

Three of a Kind

One thing that changed for the better during these trying times that I have noticed is, that you are more likely to talk to strangers. It is like people feel the need to put their feelings in words, to talk about this new world we have come to live in.

You also enjoy the little things in life more, like being able to go to a coffeehouse.

First coffeehouse visit in two months

Or receiving a cookie from a waiter driving by in a horse drawn carriage.

Vienna Fortune Cookie

You also look through windows of still closed coffeehouses or restaurants wondering if they will ever open again.

Still Closed

Note: All photos were taken with my Fuji X-T3 with the 16mm f1.3.